Review: My Company – Invoicing Software for Micro Firms

Run Your Business Easily
– No Accounting Knowledge Needed

The market is overflowing with financial software for small businesses. Yet, we had difficulties determining the best one. The problem?

  • They all offer far more than most companies need;
  • Use a lot of accounting/finance jargon that people don’t understand;
  • Worst of all, they could be very hard to use, even for a professional.

Here’s one that caught our attention, though! My Company

And here’s why:

Best price

Really small businesses don’t need really complicated, pricey accounting software. My Company is a simple desktop financial software that covers all the basics: create and send invoices, track expenses, track bank accounts, create reports and have an overview off all the key indicators for the business.

Although other financial software providers can claim the same, what makes My Company stand out is the low price for its capabilities.

My Company costs $177 for a perpetual, lifetime license. It’s fair to say that there are cheaper alternatives, but here’s the catch:

  • Less expensive financial software packages are only cheaper on the surface and likely won’t meet your business needs or expectations;
  • They cost less because they limit features, such as the number of users, transactions and capabilities;
  • The usually have monthly/annual plans, and the prices are determined by the number of users.

My Company has no monthly payments or hidden costs! What you see is what you get. Unlimited lifetime license for only $177.

Ease of use

It’s very easy to use My Company, and it’s even easier to get started. No need for creating accounts and sharing your e-mail address with anyone!

Just sign-in with the credentials you receive in the greeting email. After signing up, you can customize your account by filling out your company name and uploading your logo. The service also lets you add contact information, such as your address and phone number, so that this information will automatically appear on invoices, payments and other transactions.

When you log in, you’ll be greeted with a simple dashboard, which we found very easy to navigate. It uses a top menu divided into categories like:

  • Analytics,
  • Documents,
  • Reports, and
  • Settings.

You can quickly find core functions without any difficulties!

With My Company’s user-friendly interface, we found our way easily and were able to create invoices, track finances and perform other accounting tasks in no time.

Time-saving features

Business owners we spoke to said that some of the main things they look for in a financial software are features that will save them time and take the stress out of managing finances. We’ve found that My Company’s automated features fit the bill.

Some time-saving features we liked are automatic billing and generating a few dozen reports. Your only job is to create the invoice, the software does everything else! My Company also automatically syncs data, so you don’t have to manually input transactions yourself. With just a few clicks you can get reports such as:

  • Stock List
  • Accounts Payable Balance
  • Accounts Receivables Balance
  • Turnover (Profit, and Loss)

We loved the software’s ability to easily and quickly create accurate financial reports, such as balance sheets, sales reports, tax documents and more using pre-made templates. Calculating your taxes has never been easier! You don’t have to waste time starting from scratch, especially if you know nothing about financial reporting.


The biggest problem company owners have when dealing with their finances is the security. Well, worry no more!

My Company is as secure as a software can be. Being a desktop software means that no internet connection is needed for the software to work, which in return means that the risk of your data leaking online is nonexistent!

All of your valuable information is stored directly on your computer and backed up at your will (we recommend quarterly backing up your data on an external hard drive).