Booxpert, online invoicing software for small business

Don’t settle for any software that says it can manage your business! We’ll help you find the best fit that not only can manage with your business but also will give you timely, valuable information to help your business grow. So, we have done our research (comparing features, ease of use and price of many online financial software*) and we can definitely recommend Booxpert – online invoicing software for your small business.


Booxpert offers a free 15-day trial for the full package of functionalities, no credit card information required! You only need to enter your e-mail address and you get access to everything that Booxpert offers. During your free trial period you can test it and see if the software solution is matching with your business.

After your free trial period expires the price is only $37 monthly. The price is really competitive for several reasons:

  • For $37 monthly you get access to all functionalities. There are no different packages or limitation in functionalities;
  • The price is for unlimited number of users;
  • There are no hidden costs;
  • It is web-hosted so there are no downloads or installation required. Booxpert operates with all internet browser so long as you have Internet access.

Unlike other software solutions that have different packages, limitations in users or business documents with Booxpert you get access to every functionality for $37 monthly!

Features – everything you need in one simple solution

Booxpert has a feature selection perfect for small businesses of any industry. There is neither too little not too much functionalities that will mess your day with unnecessary information. Booxpert has all that you need to manage your small business. Getting access to Booxpert we notice that the software saved us time, saved us paperwork and most important provides us valuable information for our business position and what our next steps will be.

Some of the features are:

  • ONLINE INVOICING – Easily create, send or brand invoices with your company logo in a few minutes.
  • CAPTURE EXPENSES– Instantly see how much you are spending. BooXpert organizes and track all of your expenses in a single screen.
  • ENTER PURCHASE IN ANY CURRENCY YOU WANT – Made a purchase? Open your BooXpert account and simply add it
  • CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT – Add information about new customers, group them by type or manage your relationship in real-time.
  • TRACK INVENTORY – Reduce manual data entry, add inventory items once and instantly and see how they affect your cash-flow
  • DETAILED REPORTS – No more waiting for the end of the month. All the reports you need to make smart decisions and prepare for tax time are at your fingertips.
  • DASHBOARD – Know where your business stands with a real-time view of your sales, expenses, customer relationships and more

The software continues to be updated on a regular basis, so we are sure that the next functionalities you will think that your business will need will be already available in the next version of Booxpert.


Specific size of business:

Booxpert is ideal for small business from any industry. Mid-sized business can also try use it but we think they will need additional features currently missing from Booxpert. When it comes to large businesses, Booxpert is definitely not the right software solution for them.  This means it can perfectly fit freelancers, independent contractors, online sellers, micro business and small business from any industry.

Ease of use

We were surprised by how easy it was to learn and use Booxpert. The interface is generally intuitive and it is easy for accountants and non-accountants alike.

Once you get your credential to sign-in to your account you can customize it with your information to fit your business. So, after signing in you simply fill out your business information like: company name, logo, address, phone number, so that this information will automatically appear on your business documents.

When it comes to find functionalities, you can easily find them without any difficulties. The main menu is structured and the functionalities are logically grouped. So if you searching for sales report – you can find in the reports menu J

And if you are facing with any difficulties you can contact their customer support. They are friendly and always available online. Just submit your question and they will answer as soon as possible. Plus when you subscribe to use Booxpert they provide you video and .PDF tutorial for every feature.

Final words

Overall Booxpert is simple and easy invoicing software for small business. It has small (mainly because of its target) but very useful set of features making it a great choice for business who want a true invoicing tool. Take advantage or the free trial and see if Booxpert is right for your company.